Thyroid Conditions and Hair Loss

By | April 16, 2023

Female hair loss is often the result of a thyroid condition. Dull, lifeless, brittle, thinning or tangled hair could be an early sign of thyroid imbalance. Hair loss from thyroid disorders usually occurs evenly from all over the scalp. The hair loss may happen rapidly and could be extensive. Hair loss that occurs the outer third of the eyebrow is also an indication of thyroid imbalance.A healthy thyroid is essential for healthy hair. Thyroid function is often the first lab exam a doctor will order when unexplained hair loss is present. The thyroid aids in proper circulation to the scalp, nails and skin. Hair follicles require thyroxin, a hormone produced by the thyroid. An under or over production of thyroxin can lead to hair loss.Even a slight thyroid imbalance may cause hair loss symptoms. If the imbalance is minimal it can often be improved with diet, lifestyle changes and alternative healing methods. Advanced cases often require medication. Those on medication must be closely monitored as certain thyroid medications can cause or increase hair loss in some people. Dosage and type of medication may need to be adjusted.Thyroid disorders are more common in women than men, particularly in times of hormonal fluctuations. A woman’s hormonal system is delicate and intricately balanced. Any hormonal imbalance can lead to a thyroid problem. Adrenal exhaustion and insulin resistance have symptoms similar to thyroid conditions, including hair loss. Either of these conditions can lead to or be connected to thyroid problems.A brief description of thyroid disorders and their symptoms are as follows:GRAVE’S DISEASEGrave’s disease is an autoimmune form of hyperthyroidism. It usually occurs in young and middle-aged women. Symptoms include hair loss, weight loss, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, thin skin, increased body heat and perspiration. It can also affect the tissue behind the eyes.HASHIMOTO’S THYROIDITISHashimoto’s is an autoimmune condition that caused the immune system to attack and destroy the thyroid gland. Symptoms include mental and physical slowness, greater sensitivity to cold, weight gain, hair loss, coarsening of the skin. It is the most common thyroid disease in the U.S.HYPOTHYROIDISMWith hypothyroidism the thyroid gland is under-active. Symptoms include diffuse hair loss, dry skin, brittle hair, weight gain, lethargy.HYPERTHYROIDISMWith hyperthyroidism the thyroid gland is overactive. Symptoms include diffuse hair loss, oily skin, weight loss, hyperactivity, excessive sweating.Thyroid conditions are just one of the many causes of female hair loss. It is important to determine the type and cause of hair loss. Almost all case of female hair loss can be improved or reversed once the cause is identified an addressed.Hair loss associated with thyroid conditions can be improved through a variety of natural healing methods such as diet and nutritional supplements, aromatherapy, scalp massage, homeopathy and reflexology.