Womens Fitness Magazines – Aren’t They All Crap

By | April 16, 2023

Every magazine rack you look at contains a variety of fitness magazines with super-fit models on its cover.You may be wondering why there are so many different titles and what each one has to offer.Before we discuss different titles perhaps we should discuss what people are looking for in fitness magazines. Essentially there are only two things that people are looking for when reading fitness magazines:1) Information: This could be in the form of advice from fitness experts, latest research findings, exercise techniques and more. 2) Motivation: Some of us motivate ourselves by seeking out muscular physiques that we admire (like those of the fitness models in the magazine). While others read motivational articles of how individuals from all walks of life overcame adversity and achieved their goals. Most magazines understand this and give a healthy dose of both.Now comes the hard part – figuring out which one is right for you.Do you want advice tailored to your men or women? Do you want more information or more motivation? Do you want the magazine to focus around cardiovascular or resistance training – maybe both ?Once you have taken an inventory of what your needs are you will be able to narrow down to a few choices.Here are some popular magazines along with their area of specialty:* Fitness – focuses on ‘total well-being’, a balance between mind, body & spirit. * Flex – considered bodybuilding’s biggest and most informative magazine * Shape – real life tools you need to enjoy glowing health and vitality *Self – For women who care about body and the mind Muscle & Fitness – strengthening and building the body *Prevention – probably the most popular health-related magazine with the latest information on weight loss, nutrition and illness prevention. * Weight Watchers – recipes, tips, tools, and advice on weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle * Natural Health – Foods that heal. Herbs, vitamins, home remedies, recipes. prevention, self-care. * Yoga Journal – everything about the world of yoga.Besides the above there are others such as womens health magazines, mens fitness magazine, men’s health magazine.You can find these health magazines online in our recommended resources below.